RA24 Spider – Easy Lift

23.50 m Tracked Aerial Platform

Maximum working height: 23,50 m

Maximum Horizontal Outreach: 12,00 m

Standard: Combustion Engine/Electric Motor

Hybrid (HY)

24m Easy Lift articulated spider model RA24
  • It is an articulated tracked aerial lift with double articulated boom that ensures vertical climbing, and it has a mobile jib of 90°
  • The tracked aerial platform RA 24 is stable and safe at height
  • Smooth drive and precision movements for an easy maneuvering and positioning thanks to proportional electro-hydraulic controls combined with standard radio control
  • Compact and lightweight, just 3250 kg, easy to transport and climb ramps or access particularly tight spaces and it can overcome slopes of up to 30%
  • When operating in electric mode or with lithium batteries, it offers quietness and zero-emissions for a green use and operation, both indoors and outdoors, as well as in city centers and at nighttime 
  • Exact positioning and stability at height are also ensured by variable positioning outriggers in narrow or wide configuration, on one or both sides
  • Quick coupling and uncoupling system for the 1.4 m x 0.7 m self-levelling basket able to rotate 80° right and 80° left 
  • Can be used with a lifting winch with a maximum load capacity of 230 kg
  • Optimized productivity at height with an unrestricted load capacity of 230 kg in the basket with a horizontal reach of 12 m, allowing up to two operators to work easily while carrying materials and tools 
  • Thanks to the standard 230V electrical socket and air/water plug in the basket, it allows operators to use a variety of work tools at height
  • Start & Stop system in the basket and the engine type selector provides unmatched efficiency and functionality as well as optimized fuel consumption
  • Durable covers on the various components combine with a clean design with no cables or pipes on the outside to protect against bumps and falling objects and reduce the risk of damage 
  • The RA24 tracked aerial platform can move safely and smoothly thanks to the optimum grip ensured by the extendable rubber tracks with special profile
  • Available in a wide range of power sources: diesel engine as standard or in Hybrid version (HY), with lithium batteries and diesel engine.

The Easy Lift RA24 spider is new, technologically advanced, safe and high-performance while remaining simple and easy to use, versatile for many applications.

Ideal for interior and exterior renovation, painting, general maintenance, building work, civil and industrial electrical installations, signage, lighting, panelling, roof and gutter inspection, as well as pruning and much more.

The working height of 23.50 m, the maximum horizontal outreach of 12 m with unrestricted capacity of 230 kg in the basket, the up and over clearance of 11 m, the 90° articulated jib make this tracked aerial platform very suitable for rental, but also for resale and use by restorers, maintenance workers, painters, pruners, electricians, plumbers, construction companies and private individuals.

Safety, precise positioning, easy maneuvering are achieved thanks to the electro- hydraulic and proportional controls and the standard radio control, combined with the variable stabilizers configuration, narrow or wide.

The undercarriage with extendable rubber tracks with special profile increases the grip to the ground, allowing even slopes up to 30% to be overcome in complete safety and peace of mind, and ensures the stability in driving of the RA24 Spider.

The wide range of accessories and different engines available enhance the performance of the Easy Lift RA24 spider, making it even more powerful, extremely safe and at the leading edge of aerial lifting.

Click here to download the data sheet of the RA24 spider, Easy Lift tracked aerial platform.

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