Easy Lift, manufacturer of tracked aerial platforms, truck-mounted and van-mounted aerial platforms, was founded in December 2005 by Michele and Emanuele Sorianini. The two brothers decided to set up their own business, specializing above all in the production of "spiders", tracked aerial platforms, taking advantage of the experience they had acquired and gained since the 1990s in the crane sector with the Heila group, founded by their father Gilberto.

In early 2006, production began on three models of spiders, tracked aerial platforms for heights from 13 to 19 meters, which were initially assembled outside the company and sold mainly in Holland and Italy.

The three Easy Lift spider models became identifiable by the letter "R", an abbreviation for the Italian word "ragno", followed by numbers confirming the working heights. The R130, the R150 and the R190 were the first three tracked aerial platforms born in Easy Lift.



In the second half of the year, following further investment on the engineering department, the design of new tracked aerial platforms began, for working heights of over 26 meters: a "high" range originally consisting of the R260 and R300 spider models, which will become more and more articulated in the years to follow.

Going on with the production of crawler spiders for heights over 26 meters, Easy Lift has to expand the space allocated to the production of aerial platforms. So, on 01.05.2008, it acquires an existing company of carpentry, by setting its headquarters in the new places in Brescello (Reggio Emilia), becoming to all intents and purposes a production unit with a dedicated area of over 1,000 sqm and with 200 sqm of offices.



In the following two years Easy Lift works to expand its range of aerial work platforms on the market. So it produces other models of spiders, with average heights from 16 to 21 meters (R160R180R210) and two models of truck-mounted platforms: the articulated truck-mounted aerial platform EZ220, 22 m working height, and the telescopic truck-mounted aerial platform ET210, 21 m working height.

Opening up to new markets also opens up new requirements, to which Easy Lift decides to respond promptly, creating in 2011 a new line of aerial platforms on VANS with working heights between 13 and 15 m.



Easy lift confirms more and more its position as Italian manufacturer of tracked platforms and truck-mounted aerial platforms, focusing on quality in all its aspects, shared with the entire company team, and proactively dedicating itself to safety and health in the workplace, to the respect and safeguard the environment and natural resources.

Easy Lift therefore obtains the IS0 9001 quality certification issued by TÜV SÜD and the mandatory CSA certification for sales in the North American and Canadian markets.

Securing customers, suppliers and employees a policy of corporate sustainability, Easy Lift in the same year decides to focus on ecological choices and develops a version with lithium battery (BA) for the models of tracked spiders of the "small" range, between 13 and 18 meters of working height (R130BAR160BAR180BA) and for the models of wheeled spiders of the "high" range, for working heights over 26 meters (R260WBAR300WBAR360WBA).



Increasingly present in new markets and having to comply with strict local regulations, in 2013 Easy Lift added certification for the Russian market to those already achieved.

The extension of the range of tracked platforms and truck-mounted aerial platforms, the presence in new foreign markets, the commercial agreements with new dealers and the diffusion of Easy Lift products, require a further increase of the production effort. Almost at the threshold of 10 years, therefore, Easy Lift moves its offices and the production area in an even larger location: 3,000 m² of workshop and 200 m² of offices in Via Leonardo da Vinci, always in Brescello. It is the first of March 2014.



Towards the end of the year, following market demand, Easy Lift began designing a new line of spiders, opened by the RA15, an articulated tracked aerial platform whose project will end in 2016.

In the meantime, the expansion of the offer for aerial platforms on VAN continues, with the production of the model EV125, 12.5 meters working height, and with the new telescopic ET090, a compact truck-mounted aerial platform installed on pick-up.

Easy Lift, now in effect one of the leading manufacturers of tracked aerial platforms on the Italian and international scene, proudly collects the results of its first 10 years of work.

In 2016 it began selling the new double articulated tracked aerial platform RA15, 15 m of working height, presented for the first time at the BAUMA trade fair in Munich in the same year. In the meantime, the company is working on studies for the creation of the new 26 m working height spider model, RA26, with double telescopic boom and jib, presented in November 2016 as a world premiere at the TCI Expo in Baltimore, USA, and which raised considerable interest among the visitors of the fair, dedicated to arboriculture.



The commitment to safeguarding the environment and complying with increasingly stringent environmental regulations also led Easy Lift to produce lithium battery (BA) versions of its spider models with heights between 19 and 21 meters. The two battery-powered tracked aerial platforms R190BA and R210BA were born.
Given the consequent growth in production, Easy Lift purchased a 2,000 m² space adjacent to the Brescello factory to use as a testing ground.

Compliance with environmental regulations, the possibility of use in city areas, at night, which often results in low noise and no emissions, have led Easy Lift to create tracked and wheeled aerial platforms in hybrid version (HY), both for working heights from 19 to 21 meters (R190HYR210HY) and for those over 26 meters in all possible articulated and telescopic variants (RA26HYR260HYR300HYR360HY).

From an eco-friendly point of view, Easy Lift has developed the EASY-HERS system (Easy Lift Hydraulic Energy Recovery System), which allows to recover the oil not used during the normal operation of the tracked and wheeled aerial platform to recharge the lithium battery, thus reducing costs and recharging times as well as fuel consumption.

The first model to be equipped with this innovative system is the new R420HY telescopic tracked aerial platform.

2018 also sees the entry of Easy Lift into IPAF, as an ever-present member attentive to the importance of the safety of MEWP operators.



Customer orientation, continuous innovation and opening up to new markets mean that Easy Lift's activities as a manufacturer of tracked-mounted and truck-mounted aerial platforms are increasingly intense and articulated. In 2019, the design of the new spider RA31, with double telescopic boom and jib, working height of 31 m, presented during the Bauma trade fair, is completed.

2020: impossible to forget. The Covid-19 pandemic is causing contagion, death and loneliness all over the world. It upsets social, economic and psychological balances, which are severely tested, and one of the most difficult challenge is not to let oneself be overwhelmed but, instead, to get up and start again.
Despite the uncertainties, 2020/21 has been for Easy Lift a period of consolidation and growth, two record years in terms of turnover that has led to an important change for the company: stop the production of truck-mounted platforms and van-mounted platforms to focus solely on tracked aerial platforms, which have always been the flagship of the Emilian company.

In 2021, the design of the new spider with double knuckle boom and a working height of 24 m, RA24, was completed and presented at the GIS – an Italian trade show dedicated to the lifting industry.



Faced with low demand for wheeled platforms, Easy Lift decides to suspend production. At the same time, to satisfy the needs of a good number of customers, mainly active in the construction sector, Easy Lift develops the winch option for machines from 24 to 42 m in height which, once mounted in place of the basket, allows the use of tracked platforms like a crane, to lift loads from 230 to 500 kg.

Just 1 year after the addition of the RA24 to Easy Lift products, the new giant of the range, RA53, a spider with a double telescopic arm that reaches 53 m in height, also available with a winch option, with lifting capacity up to 1,000 kg is presented as a world premiere at Bauma 2022.

The range is growing, new markets are being developed and new partnerships are being formed, so Easy Lift inevitably has to think about a larger headquarters (24,000 m2 of land of which 6,600 m2 intended for the production plant, warehouse and offices), currently under construction.


We don’t stop and look to the future.

The Easy Lift team does not stop, it faces the challenges imposed by the market every day, it always remains customer-oriented and that is why it will continue to further expand its range of innovative, technologically advanced, safe and high quality tracked aerial platforms, together with a high level of service and training.

The customer is always in the first place for Easy Lift, to work at height in a simple, safe and reliable way.

Easy Lift