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Easy Lift is a company founded in 2005, based in Brescello (RE), specialized in the design, production and selling of aerial work platforms on crawlers and which, in its early years of activity, also dealt with the production of aerial work platforms on trucks and vans.

Our tracked aerial platforms, more often known as "spiders", are manufactured entirely in our own factories by a highly qualified and specialized team of people.

Easy Lift aerial work platforms are technologically advanced, safe, high quality and guarantee the versatility of use, reliability, ease of use and maintenance typical of the “Simple Inside™” that distinguishes Easy Lift aerial work products, suitable for numerous applications in the field, ideal for aerial lifting industry operators.

The Easy Lift sales network enables the marketing and distribution of tracked aerial platforms in Italy, Europe and throughout the world, supported by an after-sales service and training that is always punctual and rigorous, professional and constantly updated.


The “Made in Italy” perfect for aerial lifting

Easy Lift offers a generous range of tracked aerial platforms, with working heights from 13 to 53 meters and different lengths of horizontal reach to meet every need in the aerial lifting industry. They are equipped with simple control commands, guaranteeing operator safety and comfort during use, have compact dimensions for working in confined spaces and are fitted with variable geometry stabilizers. The standard hydraulic transmission with rubber tracks makes it possible to tackle even the most difficult routes. The versatility of use of the Easy Lift spiders is also guaranteed by the various motorization options available. Ease of use, quality, safety make it a "Made in Italy" product perfect for aerial lifting.

Easy Lift - Electric tracked and wheeled aerial platform

Electric tracked aerial platform

The electric versions, in Easy Lift's articulated and telescopic spiders, meet the main requirements of the aerial lifting industry by offering quiet, emission-free operation that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The electric motor and long-life batteries ensure efficiency and extended operating time. The battery-powered models are equipped with lithium-ion batteries for more environmentally friendly solutions.

Petrol/diesel tracked aerial platform

The Easy Lift spiders, articulated and telescopic, equipped with an internal combustion engine (both petrol and diesel) allow work on civil and industrial building sites, parks and gardens, roads, maintenance, renovation, painting and many other possible outdoor applications. They provide lifting versatility combined with obstacle up and over clearance performance in the articulated versions, while ensuring excellent stability and ease of manoeuvre.

Easy Lift - Petrol/diesel tracked aerial platform
Easy Lift - Hybrid tracked aerial platform

Hybrid tracked aerial platform

Easy Lift is always attentive and respectful of the environment and has expanded its range by introducing some models of articulated and telescopic spiders in hybrid version to meet the increasingly stringent standards in terms of emissions and noise, especially abroad. It is therefore possible to have a wide range of hybrid models, which guarantee an environmentally friendly solution, ideal for both outdoor and urban or indoor work sites.


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