Founded in late 2005, Easy Lift has been producing and supplying aerial platforms for the international market since 2006.

During this time our firm has grown rapidly in terms of production figures and product range that today includes 16 tracked aerial platforms, commonly known as spiders (12 on tracks and 4 on wheels).
We have extensive experience, gained within well-established manufacturers of cranes and aerial platforms: in our daily work, this experience goes hand in hand with constant research into the safest and most efficient solutions for our clients.

Safety and innovation

Whatever type of platform is being produced and sold, rigorous design by our engineers, ongoing testing throughout production and the certifications held by our firm are the first certainty we offer the market. We are very proud of the safety and reliability of Easy Lift aerial platforms.
Furthermore, in order to maintain and improve our standards, we develop cutting-edge products and carefully evaluate every possible innovation.

A widespread network of distributors and workshops

We are firmly committed to the genuine values and traditions of our land, Reggio Emilia, but our aerial platforms are distributed all over the world. Our sales network boasts around 20 distributors, each supported by an authorized workshop to ensure maximum assistance: an extensive network throughout America and Asia.

Easy Lift, today and tomorrow

Today our entire range of platforms is produced at our premises in Brescello, 3,000 m2 of factory and 2,000 m2  of external warehouse and testing area, where 38 co-workers work.
One of our short-term goals for growth is to expand our range of tracked platforms, in order to continue offering the best solutions for our clients’ needs.

Easy Lift