Founded at the end of 2005, Easy Lift has been manufacturing and selling aerial work platforms for the local and international market since the beginning of 2006.
In recent years, the company has developed a range of aerial lifts in response to growing market needs, which today includes 14 models of tracked aerial platforms. Easy Lift has a solid experience in the world of aerial lifting, gained from the experience at some of the largest manufacturers of cranes and self-propelled, tracked and truck-mounted aerial platforms in the Italian territory; an experience that, in daily work, is combined with the constant search for the most efficient and safe solutions for customers.


The research, the continuous innovation, the rigorous design by the engineers of the technical department, the repeated checks during production, for each of the aerial platforms manufactured and sold, in addition to all the certifications achieved are the first certainty that Easy Lift offers the market. The safety and reliability of Easy Lift tracked and truck-mounted aerial platforms are recognized globally by customers and a source of pride for the company.


Although firmly rooted in the values of tradition and authenticity of the Emilian land, Easy Lift aerial platforms are distributed all over the world. The current sales network includes around 20 distributors, each of which is usually supported by an authorized service point to ensure the highest levels of service.

Easy Lift, today and tomorrow

The 3,000 sqm plant in Brescello, together with the 4,000 sqm external warehouse and the testing area, is today the production site of all Easy Lift aerial platforms and employs 50 people.
The further expansion of the range of tracked aerial platforms is among the short-term growth objectives, to continue to offer the best response to customer needs in different applications of aerial lifting.

In an expansion perspective, a new headquarters of 6,600 sqm on a total area of 24,000 sqm is under construction, again in Brescello. It will house the production plant, warehouse and offices.

Easy Lift