Up Rent by Scaligera Service chooses the top spider of Easy Lift range!

Up Rent by Scaligera Service has thought big and purchased a platform R420, the highest spider in the Easy Lift range, from Emilia Gru, dealer of cranes and aerial platforms.

Up Rent is the brand that was launched in 2019 by the historic company Scaligera Service, based in Verona, to promote the rental of lifting machinery such as mobile cranes, truck-mounted platforms, tracked and self-propelled platforms of the company, with various subsidiaries located in the North of Italy.

In order to increase the rental business of machines and equipment, Up Rent has decided to become part of the Easy Noleggio online platform, which provides users with a vast network of Italian rental companies in the lifting world, divided by geographical areas.

Up Rent has chosen the R420 spider in hybrid version (R420HY) with diesel engine and lithium battery, thus showing itself attentive to environmental sustainability.

From a technical point of view, the R420HY tracked aerial platform has a working height of 41.40 m, an outreach of 17.00 m with a basket load capacity of 230 kg, a width of 1.42 m, a length of 8.10 m, a rotation of the jib of 180 ° and a rotation of the turret of 440 °. All for a total weight of 8800 kg only.

The big news that characterizes this machine is the presence of the winch that can replace the basket for lifting goods, with a lifting capacity of 500 kg. The application of the winch makes the R420HY even more versatile and useful for any type of work at height. The platform purchased by Up Rent is also equipped with the "Industry 4.0" super amortization package.

We thank Emilia Gru and Scaligera Service for trusting Easy Lift and its super spiders!

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