The Easy Lift team wishes you Happy Holidays!

2022 closes positively for Easy Lift, despite the fact that it has been a year in which difficulties were not lacking, especially due to the shortage of material needed to meet the high demand for tracked aerial platforms.

New collaborations were born, both on the national and international markets, which have contributed to strengthening the sales network and the presence of the Easy Lift brand in the global access sector.

We have participated in very important trade fairs such as Bauma in Germany, Vertikal Days in England, Batimat in France and TCI Expo in the USA.

Much progress has been made from the point of view of innovations linked to the technology and safety of our spiders and we have launched the brand new RA53 on the market, presenting it as a world preview at Bauma, which ousted the R420 from the title of giant of the Easy Lift range.

There have been many challenges and there will be just as many, but Easy Lift never backs down and with great energy and positivity is ready to face 2023 which is now upon us!

We inform you that the company will always be open during the Christmas holidays, available to its customers for any need.

On this occasion, we wish everyone a merry and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Easy Lift