The collaboration between easy lift and kaitek becomes stronger

Easy Lift hybrid spiders find the power supply of the future in the lithium batteries “Flash Battery” by Kaitek

The most surprising innovations, in the vast world of work at height, are those conceived in the wake of environmental sustainability.

Easy Lift is among the avant-garde of this new technological wave and the presentation at Bauma 2019 of two other models of hybrid tracked platforms (RA31HY and R420HY) testifies to the progress made on the road of alternative power supplies to thermal engines.

The search by Easy Lift for battery electric propulsion modes has been based for over seven years on an important synergy with Kaitek, an authentic excellence in national (worldwide) production of lithium batteries for industrial machines and vehicles.

The new spider in hybrid version R420HY - a powerful machine with a working height of 41.4 m for a lateral outreach of 17 with 120 kg in basket - was developed on the advanced module of three integrated power sources: a combustion engine, an electric motor and a 10.2 kWh (200 Ah) Flash Battery lithium battery pack.

Thanks to Kaitek lithium batteries, Easy Lift has obtained many advantages: Flash Battery is smaller and lighter than the classic lead battery, this leading to a reduction in weight and overall dimensions which considerably lengthen the working time.

However, machine downtimes have been reduced thanks to short charging and the possibility of continuing to use the machine even when charging, which is not feasible with the classic lead/acid batteries.

With Kaitek lithium batteries, the platform has gained the possibility of accepting partial charges during use, without the need anymore of specific charging rooms: unlike lead-acid batteries, in fact, Flash Battery batteries do not produce emissions and do not cause acid leaks, therefore recharging can take place anywhere, even indoors.

An important strength implemented by Easy Lift on this latest generation machine is the Easy-Hers System (Easy Lift Hydraulic Energy Recovery System) that allows to recover the unused oil during the normal operation of the platform to recharge the lithium battery, reducing recharging costs and fuel consumption.


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