The Chinese company Maclift chooses Easy Lift spiders for its rental fleet!

The month of February ends with the delivery of 2 RA26 spiders to the Chinese company Maclift to which another 2 RA24 spiders will be delivered in April.

Present for years in the access sector, Maclift is a dynamic reality, which operates in the production and mining, agricultural and construction sectors, as is evident from the English acronym of its name MAC where M stands for "manufacturing and mining”, A for “agriculture” and C for “construction”.

The company which has two main head offices, one in Shanghai and one in Beijing, has a sales division (Manitou and Faresin dealer) and a rental division, whose fleet has over 100 platforms including self-propelled, scissors and spiders, as well as forklifts, telehandlers, excavators and mini cranes.

Thanks to an internal team specialized in the management of urgent assistance and spare parts and to a network of workshops located throughout China, Maclift is able to offer the customer a quick and efficient after-sales service, both for sold and rented machines.

The 2 RA26 purchased by Maclift for its rental fleet are equipped with self-levelling outriggers and non-marking tracks, for internal use, as well as the Easycom remote diagnostic system, which facilitates and speeds up the resolution of any problems, allowing a specialized technician to connect to the machine and check its status in real time.

The RA26 model with double telescopic boom reaches a working height of 26.00 m and a maximum outreach of 14.50 m. It has a load capacity of 230 kg and it allows you to overcome obstacles up to 11 m height. Maclift spiders are equipped with diesel engine and electric motor but the hybrid version (RA26HY) with diesel engine and latest generation lithium battery is also available, to reduce polluting emissions.

We thank Maclift for its cooperation and trust.

Easy Lift