SkyLift delivers 5 Easy Lift spiders from 26 to 42 m in Lazio and Sardinia

SkyLift Piattaforme Aeree, our dealer for Lazio and Campania, we have been collaborating with for about 4 years, has recently delivered 5 spiders from the big range to four rental companies.

Neg Noleggi, an established Roman company that mainly operates in the building, civil and industrial sectors, providing customers with a large fleet of truck-mounted, van-mounted, tracked platforms and scissors, has chosen 1 R260 and 1 R300.

1 R300 was delivered to Rincar Services, a leading company in the industrial machinery sector, with one office in the province of Frosinone and one office in the province of Latina, which offers rental, sales, assistance and repair services and already has 2 Easy Lift R190 spiders in its rental fleet.

Apetrii Noleggi, a Sardinian rental company, which had already purchased 1 R190, also chose 1 R300, while the Roman company Rent and Works, well known in the machinery and equipment rental sector which also carries out construction and maintenance work for companies, public and private bodies, opted for 1 R420.

The R260 can reach 26.20 m height and it has an outreach of 13.50 m, while the R300 reaches 30.50 m height and it has an outreach of 14.50 m. Among the characteristics that rental companies most appreciate about these 2 machines, the narrow stabilization, in just 2.3 m, and the extremely proportional movements deserve special mention.

The R420, the second tallest spider in the range after the RA53, reaches 41.40 m height and it has an outreach of 17.00 m, standing out for its excellent weight/size ratio.

The R260 and R300 from Neg Noleggi, as well as the R300 from Rincar Services and the R420 from Rent and Works are equipped with a winch that, once installed in place of the basket, allows you to lift up to 500 kg of goods, therefore being able to use the platform as a crane too! For their machines, Rincar Services and Rent and Works have also chosen the option of increased load capacity of 300 kg.

We thank SkyLift for the excellent work and customers for their trust!

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