One RA26 tracked platform for the Augusta Naval Base

The month of May opens with a very special delivery!

One RA26 spider has just been delivered to the Naval Station Command of Augusta, in Sicily, where a training course was also held for the soldiers who will use the platform, with the aim of teaching them how to use the machine safely to carry out works at height at its best.

The Augusta Military maritime Arsenal was established in a strategic place to militarily defend the territory from possible foreign attacks and it is still today one of the three historic active arsenals in Italy, together with that of La Spezia and that of Taranto.

The RA26 crawler spider, with its 26.00 m height, can therefore be helpful for the maintenance, construction and repair of big ships, as well as being able to be used in contexts of renovation and maintenance of the Arsenal buildings.

The RA26 was chosen by the Italian Navy for its high performance and advanced technology. In fact, it is equipped with the Home Function system which allows automatic closing of the platform and with the Easycom system, a remote diagnostic device which connects the operator with the staff of an authorized workshop or with the Easy Lift after-sales department for solving technical problems in real time. This spider will therefore be an excellent workmate for the Base soldiers.

Easy Lift has been the official supplier of the Italian Navy for some years now. In fact, the RA26 is not the first tracked platform to have been delivered to the Navy, which 2 years ago purchased an R130 to carry out maintenance works on the structure of the Taranto Arsenal.

We therefore want to thank the Italian Navy and all the Augusta Naval Station Command for choosing Easy Lift once again!

Easy Lift