New Easy Lift spiders’ deliveries for LVM Nacelles!

March started off great for LVM Nacelles, the French dealer we have been collaborating with for over 10 years, which has already delivered 4 Easy Lift tracked platforms.

LVM Nacelles, with over 40 years of experience in the access sector, is enjoying great success among French end customers, offering them cutting-edge spiders that are easy to use for various tasks at height. The newly delivered spiders include 1 R130, 2 R160, and 1 R180 serving companies engaged in the maintenance and cleaning of roofs and facades of public and private buildings.

The R130 platform went to Phil'Alu, a dynamic company, specialized in gutter and roof refurbishment using eco-sustainable materials. The R130, compact and versatile, reaches a height of 12.20 m, it has a maximum outreach of 6.50 m, and with its 1760 kg weight, it is easily transportable on a trailer to take it anywhere.

2 R160 spiders were delivered to the company Hydrofugex, which has already purchased another 2 R160 in the past and specializes in special repair and cleaning treatments for tiled facades and roofs. These two platforms will be excellent work mates for this loyal customer, thanks to their height of 15.60 m, a maximum outreach of 7.50 m, and an up and over clearance of 4.50 m.

Last but not least, the R180 spider, which was delivered to the company GP IDF, specialized in roof and cover maintenance. The R180 is the best-selling and most appreciated spider by our customers, and once again, it will be ready for the toughest challenges with its height of 17.60 m, the maximum outreach of 8.50 m, and an up and over clearance of 5.30 m.

More platforms will be delivered to LVM soon, including 3 R180 and 1 R130.

We thank LVM Nacelles for these great deliveries and for the ongoing collaboration!

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