Loxam Italia chooses Easy Lift spiders also for Tuscany!

The collaboration with Loxam Italia that began a few years ago is getting closer and closer!

After the various tracked platforms delivered in 2021 and 2022 to the offices in Lazio and Campania, in March we delivered 4 spiders to the office in Tuscany.

The Loxam rental company, with over 50 years of experience in the access market, is positioned as the European leader in the rental of machinery and equipment for the construction, industrial and maintenance sectors. In Italy, it is present with 16 offices scattered throughout the territory, thus able to satisfy customers’ needs in a capillary way.

1 R160 and 1 R180 were delivered to Calenzano headquarters, in the province of Florence, while 1 R180 and 1 R210 arrived to Arezzo headquarters.

The R160 and R180 spiders, already present in the Loxam Italia fleet in other offices, thanks to their simplicity and versatility of use and their compact dimensions, adapt to different contexts, both for internal and external use, becoming real allies to carry out work at low altitudes!

The R210 model instead, is a new entry in the rental company fleet which chose it for its particular features, including the articulated outriggers, the 11 m outreach, the narrow stabilization and the high departure angle, making the machine particularly suitable for building maintenance works.

All models chosen by Loxam are powered by a diesel engine and an electric motor but they are also available with petrol engine, battery or in the case of the R210, also in hybrid version.

We thank Loxam Piattaforme Aeree for its renewed trust!

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