Four Easy Lift spiders for Loxam, the giant of the rental sector

Easy Lift is very proud to announce another important sale of tracked aerial platforms for the rental world in the lifting sector.

Four spiders, 2 R160s and 2 R180s, have been sold to Loxam Italy, the Italian subsidiary of the well-known multinational company. 

Thanks to its experience of over fifty years in the rental of machinery for lifting people, earthmoving,  construction and logistics, the Loxam group, established in France in the late 1960s, has managed to expand throughout Europe and around the world, becoming the first European rental company and the fourth rental company in the world of work machines such as aerial platforms, compressors and excavators.

Loxam is present worldwide with 30 branches and Easy Lift had already sold some tracked platforms to Loxam Belgium in the past, thanks to its Belgian dealer France Elévateur Bénélux. 

Instead, this is the first sale to Loxam Italy. The first two platforms will be delivered in July, the other two in September. All the spiders have been ordered with diesel engine and optional accessories such as the wire control and the special painting, customized with Loxam colours! The four tracked aerial platforms will also be equipped with the Industria 4.0 package and the “Track Unit” remote diagnostic device.

We are very proud of this first sale to Loxam Italy and confident that it is just the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration with this giant of the rental! 

Easy Lift