First semester of growth for Easy Lift: sales + 20%, turnover + 30%

This 2022 is turning out to be a very complex year. Between the tail of a global pandemic, a conflict on the doorstep of Europe, scarce raw materials, delivery delays and skyrocketing prices ... uncertainty is the order of the day.

Uncertainty is not good for the economy or the market. Succeeding in complex periods is not just a question linked to the sector in which you operate. Much depends on the organization, structure and solidity that the company was able to build in the simplest periods.

Easy Lift, after a + 50% in 2021, also records in the first 6 months of 2022 data on the rise compared to the 1st half of last year:

+ 20% machines sold

+ 30% turnover

The company's growth in a time of global difficulty is undoubtedly linked to the corporate structure and the solutions set up to deal with the critical issues that have arisen, rather than the market in which it operates. The winning password was, and is, PROGRAMMING and the unfailing support for dealers.

The major criticality encountered in recent months has been the difficulty in procuring materials: from carpentry to electronic and hydraulic components, despite the well-studied planning of purchases. The constant increase in prices is a worrying variable and makes it difficult to plan expenses and manage sales prices, especially for orders with average deliveries over 6 months. Easy Lift, realizing the importance of being able to plan production, has helped its main dealers plan their purchases, giving them the possibility to make changes to the machines ordered, with 2-months-notice of the expected delivery. This strategy allowed it to plan production until the end of the year (with orders up to February 2023) and also proved successful for dealers, who were not unprepared for urgent delivery requests from some customers, at least for the most popular models in their respective markets.

The second half of the year will also continue to be characterized by challenges and uncertainty, but Easy Lift's approach will continue to be synergistic towards its network and proactive towards the market. 

Easy Lift