Primo R420 ibrido consegnato

Easy Lift has delivered the first fully revised R420 in hybrid version to Shing Fung, an enterprise group based in Hong Kong with over 40 years experience in the construction and mechanic industry.

The spider R420HY will become part of a rental fleet with operator that will serve various sectors, from construction to maintenance and other services in general.
The new Easy Lift R420HY reaches a working height of 41.40 m and a side outreach with 120 kg of 16.50 m.
The maximum capacity is 230kg, the weight of the hybrid version is only 8500 kg.
The spider is equipped with two-speed gearboxes, high-sensitivity Danfoss distributors, fixed console on the basket, Scanreco radio control and self-leveling stabilizers.
Another feature that makes the difference, the versatility of the HYBRID version equipped with as many as three power sources: combustion engine, electric motor and lithium battery.
The combustion engine is a HATZ EU STEP 5, which complies with all legal requirements in the EU and the USA, even without the use of a particulate filter.
The 220 V electric motor is also available at 110V and 380V.
The 200 Ah lithium battery pack is entirely built and produced in Italy with an innovative electronic battery balancing system during the entire discharge and recharge cycle (ie at work). This allows balancing 20 times faster, reducing refill times. Furthermore, in the event of damage, it makes it possible for the customer to replace the individual cells by himself, thus not requiring the intervention of specialized personnel and reducing to a minimum the costs of downtime or transport.
An important strength of Easy Lift is the EASY-HERS system (Easy Lift Hydraulic Energy Recovery System) that allows to recover the oil not used during normal operation of the platform to recharge the lithium battery, reducing charging costs and consumption of fuel.
A machine studied in detail that inherits the characteristics of the latest generation of Easy Lift models, including a new chassis and new stabilizers that stand out for simplicity and clean lines (all covered by carter and hidden under metal casings to respect an idea of ​​greater robustness).

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