Easy Lift is increasingly present on the Danish market

Our exclusive dealer for the Danish market since 2013, Hammer Lifte, specialized in the sale of both new and used tracked and self-propelled aerial platforms, has been particularly busy in recent weeks: it has delivered to its customers no less than five new Easy Lift spiders, with working heights from 13 to 21 meters, needed for different kinds of work at height.

In particular, the rental company R-Byg & Machine has purchased an R130 spider which will be added to its fleet for various indoor and outdoor applications; the construction company KBzinc A/S received an R210 spider instead, as it had to work at a height of at least 20m and needed to reach up to 11m. A spider R180 was delivered to Kruse Byg, a renovation company that needed it for facade refurbishment; Vagn Poulsen, company specialized in interior and exterior painting, bought and received a spider R160 and, last but not least, the rental company KØGE LIFT, which already had Easy Lift spiders in its fleet, wanted to extend its range by adding a new R130, proving the versatility and reliability of this model for the rental sector.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the Danish market has not stood still: the positive trend in the aerial lift sector is continuing and generating new sales, so much so that Hammer Lifte in March had to revise its 2021 purchasing plan to add more machines.

We therefore want to thank Hammer Lifte for its constant commitment to promoting the Easy Lift tracked platforms.

Easy Lift