Easy Lift enters Assodimi

The new year opens with lots of news. One of these is the beginning of the collaboration with Assodimi/Assonolo, Association of Manufacturers and Rental Companies of Instrumental Goods, the only association in Italy whose main objective is to spread the culture of rental.

Assodimi, together with the Assonolo group, was founded in 1992 by a motivated and dynamic group of companies, who wanted to introduce the concept of professional rental in Italy, on the basis of a specific contract for the sector. Both rental companies and manufacturers who are members of the Association have the opportunity to participate in conferences and training courses, aimed at guaranteeing all operators a rental in complete safety. Thanks to Assodimi, members have the opportunity to always be updated on new standards, certifications and protections.

Assodimi does not only operate nationally, but also internationally. In fact, the Association is one of the founders of ERA, the European Rental Association, which brings together more than 5,000 rental companies throughout Europe.

Easy Lift's choice to join Assodimi stems from the growing number of Italian rental companies who have decided to purchase our tracked platforms for their rental fleets.

We want to thank Assodimi/Assonolo for this new collaboration and the support that the Association is able to give to its members, providing tools, services and projects to operate in an organized manner and in compliance with the regulations in force in the rental world.

Easy Lift