Easy Lift and Hoist: new spiders for rent!

Easy Lift and Hoist Noleggio consolidate their collaboration. In fact, in May, other two Easy Lift spiders were delivered to the aerial platforms’ rental company based in Naples.

The company Hoist Noleggio is present on the Italian lifting market since 1989, offering machinery and equipment for rent for working at height in different fields such as the construction sector, the film industry and the phone networks sector. Besides boasting of a wide machinery fleet in order to meet any needs of working at height, Hoist provides all its customers with after-sales assistance and machines’ maintenance, with the main purpose of assuring professionalism, safety and innovation.

Hoist product range is made up of many kinds of aerial platforms of various heights: truck-mounted, spiders, scissors and freight elevators, that are useful not only for lifting people, but also for lifting goods.

Hoist and Easy Lift partnership has been going on for a long time. In fact, the rental company from Naples had already bought Easy Lift spiders of small, medium and big sizes. The models R130, R160, R190 and RA31, which are already present in the rental company’s fleet, have turned out to be multifunctional and very popular machines among end users. Hence, Hoist has chosen to buy two new big-sized spiders, the R260 and the R300, both with Diesel engine, that have been customised on its demand by Easy Lift, making some technical amendments to their structure.

In particular, for both the R260 and the R300, the area of stabilisation was reduced, changing the outriggers’ opening to 2400mm x 4500mm, in order to make positioning in tight spaces easier. Furthermore, for both platforms, the jib was moved under the main boom with a 180° extension with the levelling rotor, the angle of inclination of the main boom was enlarged rom 0° to 87°, the Hatz diesel engine was muted and the lateral outreach was increased of about 1 m to make the working at height easier and the lifting cylinder was amended.

Hoist Noleggio has then received two Easy Lift platforms that perfectly meet their needs and we are proud of satisfying their requirements.

Easy Lift