Canary Islands choose Easy Lift spiders!

Easy Lift tracked aerial platforms arrive For the first time in the Canary Islands, the beautiful Spanish islands in the Atlantic Ocean, in particular in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

In fact, in the month of May, 4 R130 spiders will be delivered to Maquinas Opein, a big company renting and selling machines and materials for the building, power and sanitation industry, with twenty-five years of experience in the construction as well as access industry. Besides having subsidiaries spread around the various Canary Islands, Maquinas Opein has also branches in Morocco and Ghana.

Besides construction machines, among the huge range of products of Maquinas Opein there are also aerial platforms of various kinds such as self-propelled, scissors and truck-mounted. Easy Lift spiders will expand the company rental fleet and will be rented for different kinds of work at height such as, for example, renovation and maintenance of public and private buildings.

The four Easy Lift tracked platforms R130 have been chosen because of their easy of use and compactness, since they are perfect for working in tight spaces at limited heights. The power source chosen by Maquinas Opein is the standard one, that is to say petrol engine and AC motor for all the four spiders, that will be equipped with non-marking tracks, in order to be able to work on delicate surfaces without the risk of damaging them. The machines will also be equipped with an inclinometer with acoustic alarm, which is the electronic sensor allowing to level the machine at 0° in order to be well stabilized, making the work at height easier.

The spider R130 is the smallest one in Easy Lift spiders’ family, but it is very performing and handy for any needs of work at height. Among tons of optional accessories, there are the diesel engine, the cable control and the radio control as well. This platform can also be available in lithium battery version, highly environmentally friendly (R130BA).

Thus, we are happy to announce Easy Lift spiders’ delivery to the Canary Islands!

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