4 more spiders for Loxam Italia!

After purchasing 4 tracked aerial platforms in March, 2 R160 and 2 R180, delivered in July and September, Loxam Italia has reconfirmed its trust in Easy Lift spiders, ordering 4 more, with delivery scheduled for the first months of 2022. 

Loxam Italia is part of the multinational group Loxam, European leader in the rental of equipment for the construction, industry and maintenance sectors that boasts of a great reputation and credibility in the access sector, but at the same time it remains well rooted in the territory, with a widespread presence that has 16 offices in the North, Centre and South, from Milan to Naples, passing through Bologna, Florence and Rome, thus managing to offer each customer an efficient and targeted rental service.

Also in the case of this second order, Loxam Italia has chosen 2 R160 and 2 R180, highly appreciated models by renters because they can be rented without the operator for work at height both in outdoor and indoor spaces. The R160 spider can reach a height of 15.60 m, with a horizontal outreach of 7.50 m, while the R180 spider, the best seller of the Easy Lift range of small spiders, can reach 17.60 m, with an outreach of 8.50 m.

The 4 new spiders, like the first 4, will be added to the rental fleet of Rome and Naples offices, the latter just inaugurated, with the participation of Easy Lift among the suppliers who were present at the event.

We thank Loxam Italia once again for its trust, proud of this collaboration that is strengthening over time.

Easy Lift