+20% turnover in 2022 and sold-out production until June

In recent years, the market has presented criticisms that have undermined established practices.

Health events first and then socio-political events led to a considerable increase in energy and raw material costs and created many difficulties in finding material, with a consequent slowdown in production and delays in deliveries.

To deal with these problems Easy Lift has staked everything on planning and thanks to the purchasing programs agreed with its main dealers, after +20% in 2020 and +50% in 2021, it managed to close 2022 with 3 very positive figures:

  • +20% on turnover
  • important 2023 order book
  • sold-out production until June

Successes are the result of teamwork. To thank all its employees, Easy Lift has given them a production bonus of the same amount on the thirteenth month pay, an aid to counteract the inflation that weighs on the family budget.

The team, which saw the addition of new members in both the production and design departments in 2022, will continue to grow. In fact, new staff additions are also planned for 2023, while the expansion project continues which will see Easy Lift move to a new, much larger and more spacious location by the end of the year that has just begun.

More than 400 machines were sold in 2022. The best-selling model in the small range (13-18 m) was the R180. Among the models that reach the highest heights, the best-selling machine remained the RA26, closely followed by its older sister, the RA31. Good sales for the RA24, a model that went into production at the end of 2021.

In 2022, on the occasion of the Bauma fair in Munich, Easy Lift presented a great novelty: the RA53, which with its 53 meters height, is for now the highest platform in the range, available both in the standard version as mobile working platform, with a load capacity of 360 kg in the basket and in the crane version, with the winch installed in place of the basket, to lift loads up to 1000 kg. The new model won't stay that way for long. In fact, the design of new models and restyling continues which, during the course of the year, will further enrich the range, with the aim of keeping faith with the mission of all time: to be at the side of those who work in the access world, with simple and reliable solutions.

Although the foreign market remains predominant for Easy Lift (in 2022 it represented 82% of turnover, accounting for 18% of the Italian market), Italy has become the second market in order of importance after the United States, followed by Germany and UK.

The volume of the Italian market has grown thanks to the 2 trends that are currently driving the entire lifting market in our country:

  • government incentives related to Industry 4.0
  • the rental market

Rental is a growing trend also internationally but while in Europe it is a consolidated operating practice, in Italy it has taken hold in the last decade.

Now, however, with the advent of the circular economy and lean production, rental is gaining more and more strength because it allows companies to manage work smarter and have greater control and planning of expenses.

This has led Easy Lift to enter new partnerships with foreign rental companies, such as the French Codiloc and the Northern European Cramo (part of the Boels group) and acquire more and more customers among Italian rental companies. For this reason, the company has become a member of Assodimi/Assonolo, the Association of Manufacturers and Rental Companies of Instrumental Goods whose main objective is to disseminate the rental culture in Italy.

There were also new collaborations with dealers, especially in India and China, two markets with infinite potential.

And further developments are expected from the participation in 2 highly successful trade fairs, one international and the other domestic, the Apex in the Netherlands (6th – 8th June) and the GIS in Piacenza in Italy (5th – 7th October).

The uncertainties related to the price increases of raw materials, components and energy, delays in deliveries, the war in Ukraine persist, but Easy Lift looks forward to this new year with confidence, aware that it can count on a network of dealers and a team of collaborators who will once again give their best to contribute to the growth of the company.

Easy Lift