Easy Lift is founded in early December 2005 by Michele and Emanuele Sorianini.
In March 2006 production of first tracked platforms begins, with the models R130, R150 and R190 for the Italian and Dutch markets. Thus begins our history, built of strong motivation and a great drive for innovation and constant improvement.



Following further investment in the technical department, in the second half of the year planning for higher models R260 and R300 begins. The first R300 is delivered in early 2008.

With production going ahead on higher tracked platforms, Easy Lift is urgently in need of more space.
And so, on 1st May 2008 it takes over an existing company and effectively becomes a manufacturing unit. The headquarters are established at Brescello (Reggio Emilia), with a production area of approximately 1000 m2 and 200  m2 of office space.



Two years of expansion for the company, leading to the launch of new spiders (R160, R180, R210) and two truck-mounted platforms: the articulated EZ220 with a working height of 22m, and the telescopic ET210, with a working height of 21 m.

The VAN range is born: a new concept of van-mounted aerial platform, which can reach heights of 13 or 15 metres.



Easy Lift is granted ISO 9001 certification by TÜV SÜD and the statutory CSA certification for distribution in the United States and Canada.
The company decides to focus on eco-friendly solutions and develops a version with a lithium battery (BA) for the small spider lifts on tracks (R130BA, R160BA, R180BA) and the high spider lifts on wheels (R260WBA, R300WBA, R360WBA).

In 2013 Easy Lift adds yet another certification to those already held: the one for the Russian market.



Almost ten years old, Easy Lift moves its offices and production premises to a larger site: 2,800 m2 of production plant and 200 m2 of offices in Via Leonardo da Vinci, still in Brescello. It’s 1st May 2014.

Towards the end of the year, following market demand, Easy Lift begins designing a new range of spiders, starting with the RA15 platform (the project will be completed in 2016).
At the same time the range of van-mounted platforms is extended with the launch of the EV125, and truck-mounted platforms with the new ET090, a compact aerial platform mounted on a pick-up.



Easy Lift proudly harvests the fruits of its first ten years in business.
The most recent addition to the Easy Lift family, the RA15 - exhibited at the Bauma trade fair in Munich – goes on sale; meanwhile engineers and designers are busy with plans for the new model RA26, a spider with a double telescopic boom and jib which is presented in November as a world preview at the TCI Expo in Baltimore, USA, immediately experiencing much enthusiasm among visitors to the fair, dedicated to alboriculture.

The battery version (BA) is born also for medium-sized tracked models (R190BA, R210BA).
Given the growth in production, Easy Lift buys a space of 2,000 m² adjoining the company to be used as a test field.



The hybrid version (HY) for medium-sized spiders (R190HY, R210HY) and large spiders (RA26HY, R260HY, R300HY, R360HY) is born and the EASY-HERS (Easy Lift Hydraulic Energy Recovery System) is developed which allows the recovery of the unused oil during normal operation of the platform to recharge the lithium battery, reducing recharging costs and fuel consumption.
The first machine to be equipped with this innovative system is the new model R420HY.

Easy Lift completes the design of the new spider, RA31, that will be presented at the Bauma exhibition in April and is ready to develop many other ideas it has in its drawer.



2020 will be an impossible year to forget. Twelve months marked by contagion, fear and loneliness. Twelve months of social, economic and psychological balances put at serious risk.
A difficult year that leaves deep wounds, but that has taught us that thanks to change it is possible to start again.
Despite uncertainties, 2020 was for Easy Lift a year of consolidation and growth, a record year in terms of turnover that led to a major change, namely the choice to stop the production of truck-mounted and van-mounted platforms to focus solely on spider lifts, always the spearhead of the company production.

Easy Lift